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Telecom Italia chooses Florim materials for its officesFrom artworks to ceramics, a space that combines functionality and design

An artwork archive, so prestigious that it is impossible not to use it as a plus of the project. This is the starting point in realising the Milan headquarters of Telecom Italia: a solution that uses new decoration elements and allows taking advantage of the existing resources, without wasting.

“I wanted to use art as a means to rethink about the function of the place, from working to exhibition space, giving value to historical elements everyday. Everything is possible thanks to the artwork archive (50 at our disposal) that take part in the Dr Olivetti collection” Andrea Castrignano, designer of the project, said.


The great dimension (about 1,000 sq. m) lead to the decision to make use of new furniture and choose practical materials such as porcelain stoneware by Casa dolce casa used for floors with the floating system, to facilitate the plant inspection. For the walls, on the contrary, a delicate sand shades was chosen.

Another key element of the project is the lighting, studied for position and decorative choice: spotlights with Led lamps, Led stripes, linear light sources for desks, and direct spotlight for the living room.


As it is a working space where usually formal meetings take place, the atmosphere is lightened by the furniture that seems warmer than the basic elements used in offices. Soft feather filled sofas in the waiting room and relax areas, desks and tables with white resin surface, sinuous and modern chairs and bookshelves in white metal alternated with wood boxes.

To conclude, a kitchen to combine working time with convivial moments.

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