We are the first Italian ceramics company
to obtain the ISO 50.001: 2011 certification
in relation to our energy management system.

What’s it for? To improve energy
output, efficiency, use and
environmental impact

16,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels covering
the new buildings in Fiorano Modenese, plus
two cogeneration plants, allow us to pro-
duce the 65% of our annual energy requirements



is our core business, the heart of the entire operation.

It’s not enough to simply produce:

We must ensure production is carried out the best possible way. Tha’s why we’re working towards the continual improvement of company processes while taking account of their environmental impact.


Thanks to a recent investment plan, we’ve introduced several

major production innovations:

  • New production technologies for extra-large size slabs
  • New logistic center integrated with a vertical warehouse for 37,000 pallets
  • New sustainable kiln
  • LED lamps to improve energy efficiency
  • Photovoltaic panels and cogeneration plants
  • New technologies for 3D product development
  • New sustainable packaging machines
  • Improving the IT department for the internal data management

We reuse 100% of the effluent water and pay close attention to the

reuse of the scrap deriving from our production operations.



FLORIM LOGISTICS HUB is a new company logistics facility that has allowed us to create a multibrand shipment centre.

Some figures:

  • New logistics yard
    30,000 m2 surface area
  • Automated vertical warehouse
    37,440 pallets spaces, 1,800 tonne structure


This is the first plant of its kind in the Sassuolo ceramics district, offering a range of benefits including:

  • lower CO2 emission
  • greater flexibility
  • higher productivity and efficiency
  • optimization of logistic operations
  • improved customer service


Research and Development Laboratory

A whole world behind the product. Outsiders to the ceramics industry sometimes fail to appreciate the importance of a grain of sand: for us, it’s all about attention to detail.

When our innate focus on design meets the very latest production technology: that’s the basis for Florim products.

It takes passion, creativity, patience and research.

An in-depth understanding of the material and long experience in the sector are combined with our innate flair for aesthetics and a strong focus on design: that’s the secret recipe for our trendsetting creations in the Italian ceramics universe.

Design and creativity must embrace industrialisation of materials and market requirements. Intuition and the transfer of skills to our collaborators allow us to develop specific know-how that is fuelled by our competences, constant investments and research activities. We believe this is the key to success.