Our approach to sustainability


Our sustainable management is pursued over
360°, based on the linchpin values of economic,
environmental and social responsibility.

The factory of the future is not just a matter
of results in terms of eco-sustainable products;
it’s also about continual improvement of our pro-
duction processes and business style.


Environmental and energy management


For several years we has focused on optimizing our territorial and environmental impact. Thanks to the commitment of our research laboratories, supporting all the employees and the latest investments plan, we’ve achieved tangible results as proven by the annual renewals of our environmental certificates.

Recently, the company received the Green Economy Award of Legambiente, for the committment to environmental protection.

“Green” Numbers

  • Two cogeneration plants
  • 16,000 sq.m of photovoltaic panels covering a surface of 30,000 sq.m
  • 2 prestigious process certifications
  • 3 state-of-the-art kilns installed last year
  • 4,823,883 kg of non-emitted CO2 since the solar panels started working
  • 449 LED lamps installed in the Mordano plant
  • 3 different types of product certifications
  • Laboratory for the study of the products
  • Marketing and communication department for digitalization of promotional tools
  • 34,155 recycled bottles in the device for boosting recycling

CSR – Corporate Social Responsability

Our approach to sustainability is inseparable
from our social commitment aimed at
benefitting our employees and the local community.


Our initiatives

  • Florim health&training center
  • Agreement with Sassuolo Hospital for employees and families
  • Eng. G. Lucchese foundation
  • Master in Florim for young graduates
  • Lucchese Prize
  • Nursery school agreements
  • Free summer centres for employees’ children
  • Partnerships
  • Training Milan


Besides, we are among the charter members of “Aziende Modenesi per la RSI” (Modena companies for CSR) an independent, open and inclusive association. The companies that participate, different for dimension and type, strongly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility values and principles.

Presented on September 12, 2014 for the first time, the association inherits all the activities held by Club RSI, an hisotrical Florim partner that has operated in the territory for years.


Sustainability Report

We’ve been publishing and distributing our
Corporate Sustainability Report since 2008.
We intend to communicate in a transparent
manner with our stakeholders, describing the
achieved results and sharing our future objectives,

exchanging views, comparing objectives and improving continuously.


Evaluation Florim Sustainability Report


A close-knit web of product and process certifications
confirms our commitment to the continual improve-
ment of our company processes.


We are the first company in the ceramic district to obtain the prestigious Customs certification AEO.
The status of Authorised Economic Operator grants the respect of the highest level of Customs reliability and security in foreign trade.

We’ve obtained four prestigious
TÜV certificates thanks to the
stringent Florim Quality System:

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000
UNI EN ISO 14001 E BS OHSAS 18001
UNI EN ISO 50.001

In addition to the system, we can boast an impressive
range of environmental product certifications
including Ecolabel, Bureau Veritas and LEED.





An innate propensity for technological innovation, aesthetic research and the efficiency of processes are the key factors distinguishing Florim’s production activities.


Our facilities comply with the highest standards and, thanks to an investment plan, we aim not only to ensure excellence in our energy and environmental management, but also to create exceptional solutions in the areas of innovation and design.

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